These days, it’s Norway Blanca calls home


Just one day after Blanca Moreno Borrero from Córdoba, Spain, had heard of Accurate Care she found herself in a classroom learning basic Norwegian. Just four months later, she set foot in Norway for the first time - and likes it so much she can’t imagine moving back home.

– Maybe I’ll do what so many Norwegians do and buy myself a holiday apartment in Spain when I get a bit older, she says smiling. But Norway is home for me now.

During her soon to be three years in Norway, she has worked in several locations within the country.

– Accurate Care has been fantastic to work for, and I’m really grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to see so many different places, she says.

I loved my job within home service in Drobak. The midnight sun is a stunning phenomena, and now I’m really happy working in the local general practitioner office in Jesseheim.

It’s not just Norway that’s charmed Blanca either. Six months after her arrival she met a Swede, namely Theodor who she now happily resides with and owns a house with. I’ve struck gold on all fronts, she says with a smile.

Always wanted move abroad
Blanca always wanted to move abroad after she’d finished her studies, and she steadily worked towards that goal. One of the four years she studied, she spent in Portugal. When she was qualified, she put her CV on a website for people wanting to work abroad, and in no time Accurate Care’s partners within recruitment got in touch.

– I’ve always liked Scandinavia, she says. I have a good friend in Denmark and would have liked to work there but Accurate Care’s offer was too good to turn down.

So she then began her nine month Norwegian course and picked up the language quickly and completed the course in half the time necessary. It was certainly an advantage that she had a knack for language. In addition to the Norwegian course, she bought some Disney films that she’d seen in Spanish that were dubbed into Norwegian.

– I learn much more effectively by hearing the language spoken as opposed to just dryly learning the grammar and rules, she says. I imagine this applies to others in the same situation.

Continues to work with Accurate Care
The assignment at the general practitioners in Jessheim originally started via Accurate Care, but was eventually advertised as a full time position.

– I was really uncertain as to what I should do, explains Blanca. I was really happy working for Accurate Care and they were really professional and helpful, so I didn’t really want to lose contact with them, even though a full time position was tempting.

But who says you cant have your cake and eat it? Blanca got the job in Jessheim and in addition, stayed in touch with Accurate Care by helping out taking extra care of the fresh Spanish nurses coming to Norway.

– I’m really satisfied, she says.

And she has every reason to be, we at Accurate Care wish Blanca all the best, and good luck with her new life here in Norway.

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