From a the classroom in a Spanish university to a permanent position in Norway

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Aitor from La Manga heard about Accurate Care whilst qualifying as a nurse in his hometown in Spain. Two interviews and a Norwegian course later he found himself happily residing and working in Norway.

The Norwegian company Accurate Care has specialised in offering qualified health workers from Spain to various Norwegian health institutions. Aitor (25) at the tail end of his eduction in 2015 when Accurate Care visited his university to inform the students of the possibilities awaiting them in Norway. A desire to work abroad coupled with the fact that finding a permanent position in Spain is difficult, led to him leaping at the opportunity.

The actual process of getting to Norway was relatively simple. After sending a job application he received a prompt invitation to an interview over Skype. By October he started his Norwegian course and by May the next year he was in Norway and ready to work.

I like it here says Aitor. There is plenty of work and opportunities to earn good money  whilst working abroad, something I’ve always wanted.

Before he started at Vestby nursing home he’d worked at several other nursing homes, both within sheltered housing and at patients homes.

“I’ve worked in Akerhus the whole time, but Ive had the chance to try a variety of roles. The working conditions have been good everywhere I’ve been, the staff I’ve worked with have been nice and helpful, and I’ve never encountered any major issues.

Aitor lives with other Spanish nurses, and works in the same place as they do but hasn’t yet worked with any of them. He believes that has helped his Norwegian considerably.

I feel perfectly at home here. There’s not actually that big a difference from Spain, says Aitor, who has started training and going for walks in the forest, something he never did back home.

I wasn’t used to the cold, but it wasn’t a big deal he explains and confesses that he has no immediate plans on returning home to Spain.

I’m happy with the way things are at present. Accurate Care has organised everything, I don’t have to worry about accomodation, I have great flexibility so that I can use my ho;iday allowance, the pay is great and I get help with settling permanently should I wish to.

Aitor has also travelled in his free time, taking in Harstad, Bergen and Oslo in addition to him working in Elverum for a month.

There are a lot of nice places in Norway but ill probably move to Oslo. It’s only half an hour away from where I live now, and I really like the place.

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